Environmental analyses

The Laboratory of Environmental Analysis has long term experience in chemical analyses of water and in the field of waste water treatment technologies. The main chemical analyses of water belong to the accreditation scope but we also carry out other environmental analyses and studies if needed.

Accredited methods


Measurement of pH

Measurement of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)

Measurement of total nitrogen (Ntot)

Measurement of chemical oxygen demand (COD)

Measurement of total phosphorus (Ptot)

Measurement of suspended solids

The Laboratory of Environmental Analysis deals with analyses of wastewater, active sludge and sewage sludge outside the accreditation scope. For example:

  • determination of anions by ion chromatography (Cl-, NO2-, NO3-, SO42-)
  • nitrogen forms (NO2-N, NO3-N, NH4-N)
  • dry solids, loss of ignition
  • organic matter content, etc.

In addition we deal with process studies of waste water treatment plants and can assess the impact of industrial waste water on the waste water treatment processes (nitrification, denitrification, oxygen demand, phosphorus removal inhibition and determination of waste water degradation).