Research and Development

Liquid-chromatography mass-spectrometry (LC-MS)

We are developing analysis methods in the field of LC-MS. We research electrospray (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and develop ESI and APCI sources.

We also go in for studying LC-ESI-MS matrix effects.

Developing software for validation of chromatographic methods

We are developing software named VaLChrom in order to help chemists to validate chromatographic methods. 

Examples of measurement uncertainty estimation in the field of chemical analyses

On this page you can find quite an extended collection of measurement uncertainty estimation examples about chemical analyses. The examples cover very simple (weighing and pipetting) and quite complicated (HPLC and AAS) topics.

Activities in the field of restoration at the university of Tartu

Testing Centre takes actively part in the works related to conservation and restoration according to several contracts and orders.

IR spectra of coatings and polymers

On this page you can find IR spectra of various coatings and polymers that have been registered at the Testing Centre and Institute of Chemistry during recent years due to different projects related to history and surface paints. 

Estonian Centre of Analytical Chemistry (ECAC)

University of Tarty together with Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Environmental Research Centre form Estonian Centre for Analytical Chemistry (ECAC). It's mission is to ensure high quality chemical analysis and chemistry education in Estonia.

You are welcome to visit the web page of the department of analytical chemistry, University of Tartu.