Measurement uncertainty estimation

Development of uncertainty estimation procedures

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Uncertainty estimation is becoming a standard requirement with all sorts of measurements and analyses. It is required both by the ISO 17025 standard and by the Guide EA-4/16 (available from the EA website).

We offer development of uncertainty estimation procedures as a service to all enterprises and laboratories that need uncertainty estimation but due to heavy daily workload cannot afford spending a lot of time on this quite complicated subject. Our uncertainty estimation procedures are based on JCGM GUM, which is currently the most widely accepted approach. The usual scheme of work is as follows:

  • Our experts familiarise themselves with your measurement or analysis methods (on-site, if necessary).

  • Preliminary procedures are compiled.

  • The preliminary procedusres are thoroughly discussed with your experts. If necessary, additional measurements, etc can be done.

  • According to the discussions, changes are introduced to the procedures.

  • The procedures start to be used at customer's site. We remain at your disposal for further questions and guidance.

This work scheme has this far been very successful. As a result of the extensive discussions, the customer's experts acquire "hands-on" experience and knowledge with uncertainty estimation and the ability to look at their measurements "from the uncertainty point of view".

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